Friday, June 14, 2013

Boston Not So Strong

I'm so sick of this "Boston Strong" nonsense. OK, the entire country gets it. You had a terrible tragedy happen. People lost their lives, people got hurt really bad. We get it. I feel for those victims. But why does this make the city of Boston so special? Why is the Boston Bombing more important than any other event happening around the country? Just this past week more people were killed in Santa Monica, California by two separate shooters and this isn't get hardly any media attention. I don't hear people from there shouting "Santa Monica Strong!"

Look, this could have happened in any American city at any event. If this happened in LA or Chicago or Dallas does anyone really believe the people at the scene would have reacted any differently? Does anyone really believe people would have just stood around and watched people bleed to death on the sidewalk? I'm 100% sure the cops and citizens at the scene would have reacted the same way. That's what Americans do. Maybe this should be "America Strong?"

If I remember correctly when 9/11 happened America pulled together. It wasn't all about NYC. People were driving around waving American flags. When the Boston Bombing happened this became all about Boston. It's all about Boston being strong and special. What is so strong about watching a terrorist elude the cops on a night when thousands of cops were hunting this guy down? It wasn't even the cops who found him, it was an elderly guy outside in his backyard smoking a cigarette only yards from the largest manhunt in US history! That's nothing to be proud of. Those cops should be embarrassed. This is how retarded people are in Boston. I've lived here a few years and I see this kind of shit all the time. There's something in the water here, Einsteins these people are not!

The latest news is the Bruins are in the Stanley Cup Finals and fans here are all butthurt about a t-shirt someone made in Chicago that says "Chicago Stronger." So now people here own the rights to the word strong? Give me a break. That's another thing about the retards in Boston, they act so tough and talk a lot of shit but they are the most whiny, sensitive assholes I have ever meant. Every other word out of their mouths is an insult yet if you say anything about them, or anything remotely offensive, they get all butthurt. They can dish it out but they can't take it. They are the world's biggest bitches. Strong they are not.

Get the fuck over it. Grow up. You're not the only city in America dealing with shit and you won't be the last. You're not so special. America is tired of it. You've milked this tragedy to death, to the point we are getting nauseated by it. I never remember thinking this about NYC. To this day I respect how they've handled it. Bostonians act like the world's biggest babies.